The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented. It has affected everyone in many ways one can imagine. One of the sectors most affected by this crisis is the elderly. Because of their age and the illnesses they might have, they are more prone to the coronavirus. It goes without saying that they need to be extra careful than anyone else.

As months go by, more and more people and communities are affected by COVID-19. Seniors need to be taken care of. Personal care is critical to their well-being and health. However, it is not only their physical health that needs boosting. Seniors need emotional and mental support as well.

During this crisis, your parents need you more than before. However, you also are busy with your work and it will be difficult for you to juggle that with everything else. It’s also not advisable to leave your elderly parents in nursing homes or assisting living. Many of these facilities have been heavily affected by the virus, especially taking into account the fatality rate of seniors in the country and elsewhere.

This is where in-home care services come in. Hiring a caregiver is a great choice in keeping your senior safe at this time. With a caregiver at home, rest assured that your elderly parent will be well-taken care of. Caregivers can help them with their everyday tasks like preparing meals, grocery shopping, dressing, bathing, medication reminder, and more. Get a home care service that follows the CDC guidelines. More than anything, safety and health protocols should be a top consideration when hiring these services.

The caregivers you hire need to practice all the necessary protocols in keeping your seniors safe when in contact with them. They must practice the basics in reducing the health risk for seniors and shielding them from COVID-19 and other contagious viruses and illnesses. Aside from frequent handwashing, the caregivers must be healthy and virus-free as well. Precautionary measures must be practiced at all times, like sanitizing and cleaning door knobs, light switches, cabinets, counters, phones, faucets, toilet handles, remote controls, and others.

The Importance of Home Care Services

Caregivers are essential frontliners in this time of crisis. Since the elderly and people with underlying conditions and are immuno-compromised are more vulnerable to the virus, it is only important that we take extra care of them. If you are busy and can’t take care of your elderly parents, you can rely on home care services. These caregivers can give the right emotional support and physical guidance inside the comfort of the seniors home.

They do not only take care of your elderly parents. They also help the elderly understand the current situation, teach them how to practice social distancing, and make their daily lives less stressful. They find new ways of reducing boredom, stress and the effect of isolation on the elderly these times of pandemic.

Here are some reasons why home care services is a great choice:

  • They help seniors maintain routines. COVID-19 has affected our daily routine. This can be stressful especially to seniors. Caregivers can break the boredom and help seniors develop new routines and adapt to the sudden changes brought by this pandemic.
  • Caregivers help seniors communicate with their loved ones. This is especially helpful if the seniors are not living with you. These professionals can help your elderly parents communicate with family and friends virtually. That way, they get the necessary emotional and social support they need.
  • They can also help the elderly with the groceries, medications, and other household essentials.
  • Home care services give peace of mind for families. When your elderly parent is living away from you, you worry about them all the time. With trustworthy caregivers looking after your senior, you will be calmer knowing that they are in safe hands.
  • They give regular updates about your elderly loved one. The caregivers are trained to always check the well-being of the seniors. They monitor for any symptoms or signs for COVID-19 and other illnesses. They also watch for signs of anxiety, depression and their state of mind. In other words, they take care of the seniors holistically. They communicate with you regarding this so that you will be kept updated regarding the condition of your loved one.

COVID-19 continues to change our lives. These are challenging times. However, with the help of trustworthy home care services, we can protect our elderly loved ones better.

As much as we would want to spend more time with our elderly and take care of them ourselves, we are also affected by this pandemic. There are other matters that keep us occupied as well. We need to work and attend to our family as well. The best thing we can do for our elderly loved ones is to let the professionals take care of them on our behalf.

Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Mike Miller is the CEO and Founder of At Home Care Service, a Home Care agency located in San Diego, California. Senior Caring Solutions was the previous name of the business. He has been involved with senior care for over 15 years. Mike knows the ins and outs of the home care industry, and he is a great resource for people looking for elderly care services. Mike is well-known in California as an expert in the industry.


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