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How Can Seniors Prevent Getting Covid-19

Seniors are among the most vulnerable to Covid-19. This is especially true for seniors with pre-existing medical conditions or comorbidities like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and chronic respiratory disease, among others. When they get infected with Covid-19, they are more likely to suffer from severe symptoms and complications than other age groups.   The […]

In-Home Hospice Care for Seniors: All You Need to Know

During the final stage of life, most people prefer to rest at home, and hospice care at home can be a very positive experience for seniors and their family members.    Seniors and their family members experience many emotional highs and lows as their final days near, and professional hospice teams can see you through […]

Caring for Seniors: Difference Between Flu and COVID-19

Caring for seniors is especially complicated when symptoms appear that are in common with different illnesses. For example, do you know the difference between flu and COVID-19 symptoms? Many of the symptoms are the same. Both of these illnesses attack the respiratory system, which can be very dangerous for older adults. Elderly people are more […]

Questions to Ask a Caregiver Before Hiring

Hiring the right caregiver for your home care agency can be quite challenging. Mistakenly hiring a candidate who ends up performing the job poorly can negatively impact your agency’s reputation. If you are an agency owner, you need to really be careful when hiring caregivers. One best way of spotting a good candidate is during […]

Choosing a Home Care Agency According to Best Practices

Choosing a home care agency isn’t something you generally think about on a daily basis. But, when a loved one falls or gets seriously hurt, it’s something you can’t stop thinking about. Your thoughts are consumed by, “How can I find a home care agency near me?” After contracting with the first home care agency […]