Resources for seniors in San Diego


The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but especially for at-risk populations like seniors living in San Diego. The very things that provide them a lifeline like food, medicine, support, and socialization areimportant during this challenging time. With that in mind, weve put together a comprehensive guide to resources for San Diego senior care resources for COVID-19.

Seniors Living Well in San Diego

Aging seniors struggle to provide for their needs during socially and economically good times. The emergence of COVID-19 has taken away many of the few remaining social activities that seniors can participate in because of social distancing and the need to wear face coverings. The following resources have sprung up to help fill the need to keep San Diego seniors keep their minds sharp and their bodies fit.

  • Seniors Resource Guide-this guide is the end-product of Stay Home San Diego, an organization that was established for the prevention of COVID-19 and older adults. This organization provided food delivery to seniors in their homes, so they didnt have to risk getting the virus when out getting groceries. The group has now disbanded, but they developed a resource guide of helpful services for seniors as San Diego moves into the next phase of reopening.
  • Live Well San Diego-Live Well at Home is a free community resource for San Diego residents where they can find resources to help them stay mentally and physically healthy and well while San Diego moves through the various phases of reopening from the COVID-19 pandemic. This site offers tips for physical fitness, mindfulness, and socialization for older adults. It also offers resources and information for parents, caregivers, children of all ages living in San Diego.
  • Face Coverings-First 5 San Diego has set up a page with instructions and tutorials for making face coverings for seniors that need to go out of their homes for appointments or other important events and activities. The site also includes tips for laundering face coverings and using them safely.

Ensuring Access to Healthful Food for Seniors

Seniors that need help with access to food and medicine will find help from these community services.

  • San DiegoMeals on Wheels-a regular food service for seniors and how theyre taking precautions to prevent the spread of CXOVID-19 among seniors.
  • San Diego Aging and Independence Services-nutrition centers and home food delivery.
  • Jewish Family Service-this group provides a wealth of information for seniors and others on how to access food and other services including socialization. Jewish Family Services also offers assistance and advocacy for immigrants and members of the LGBT community.
  • Monica and Milano Sliwa-these young ladies started a food and essentials delivery service for San Diego seniors with a focus on non-English speaking seniors. They were motivated to start this group after seeing a senior man standing in a grocery store facing empty shelves.
  • Serving Seniors-this organization is dedicated to San Diego seniors. The site provides information about COVID-19, intergenerational affordable housing, and other programs and events.

Various Services for COVID-19 and Older Adults

The Aging and Independence Services division of Health & Human Services has put together a comprehensivewebsite of resources for seniorsneeding assistance through the COVID-19 pandemic. The site provides general information on COVID-19 and its regularly updated. In addition, theyve organized the resources by topic and provide many helpful videos.

  • Commercial food services
  • Nonprofit food assistance
  • Transportation
  • Mental health
  • Pet care services
  • Housing
  • Health and fitness
  • Scam prevention
  • Caregiver support
  • Social engagement
  • Learning and leisure
  • Dementia

The COVID-19 pandemic places our seniors at a much higher risk of contracting COVID-19 and being able to survive it. If youre one of the many families that have decided to take your elder out of a nursing home for their safety or your senior needs extra help during this time, our caregivers are available around the clock to provide assistance and they provide assistance according toCDC COVID-19protocols.